Business Tax Incentive Program

Grow New Jersey

Grow NJ is a powerful job creation and retention program helping qualified companies succeed in New Jersey. Within the Grow NJ Program, Camden is designated as a Garden State Growth Zone (GSGZ), which means The Camden Waterfront projects can qualify for the highest levels of economic tax incentives. These incentives will cover 100% or more of the costs involved with creating a new office facility.

Grow NJ Awards

Holtec International ($260M)

EMR Facility ($253M)

American Water HQ ($164M)

ResinTech ($138M)

Subaru ($117M)

Lockheed Martin ($107M)

76ers Practice Facility ($82M)

ACTEGA North America ($40M)

Conner Strong & Buckelew ($86M)

NFI ($79M)

The Michaels’ Organization ($79M)

  • Over $1.65 billion dollars have been awarded by the New Jersey Economic Development Authority (NJEDA) through the Grow NJ program to a range of companies including American Water, Holtec International, Lockheed Martin, and Subaru.
  • All industries are eligible for the Grow NJ tax credit incentive, and bonuses are available for target industries.
  • Unused tax credits are transferable and saleable at a discount to face value.
  • The Grow New Jersey tax credit can be used towards the following costs associated with developing a new office building: site acquisition, soft costs (i.e., design and engineering), infrastructure construction, building construction, interior improvements, and relocation costs.